Phillips Seafood, Baltimore, Maryland 巴爾提摩飛利浦海產餐廳

It was at the end of our 5-day family trip on the east coast. Our last stop was having lunch at Baltimore, Maryland. We purposely picked Phillips Seafood before we headed home to New York City. my husband and I came here 2 years ago and we fell in love with Pillips Seafood's' every thing made of crab.

"Phillips Seafood" faces the Baltimore Harbor water front, therefore, the scenery is just fun. There are seating at the balcony, as well as by the window. We both time picked seats by the balcony to enjoy the breezing summer air.

They always served their onion bread first - large, soft, and warm! Although it is not very flavouful, we didn't want to stuff ourselves with just bread anyway (maybe this is the their intention!). We immiedately ordered one crab cake for each of us. The cake is full of crab meat, and there was not a taste of flour or any other substitute ingredient - just the sweetness from the meat. We didn't use the sauce because it would ruin the wonderful aroma. It is pretty pricy - $12 a piece, but it was totally well worth it! We had it both time when we came here.

We also ordered their crab. It was fresh, huge, juicy, and tender. No need to reach for the butter or sauce again at all!

After the satisfying lunch, we took a relaxing walk along the harbor and shot some photos for memory. We now live in Seattle but hopefully some day we will go back there again.

Price, Menu, and Directions: Phillips Seafood

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