Snow fall in Greater Seattle during the last two weeks of year 2008. 西雅圖2008的大雪

真的不敢相信在這麼暖的低地西雅圖,人行道的針葉樹上可以堆這麼多雪。聽說上次西雅圖下這麼大的雪,並且隔天沒融,是在二十年前。整個城市,雪白一片,像極了原野之地。市郊的路上幾乎看不到一台房車,反而都是卡車或是四輪驅動的休旅車。西雅圖有兩個原因而不能除去這麼多的雪。一是因為之前提到的-西雅圖正常是不會下如此大的雪,而且下的雪,隔天也融了,所以沒有有效的剷雪機制(比如鏟雪車數量少)。二是,西雅圖以環保出名。由於融雪的鹽會流到河裡,破壞生態, 所以連鹽也不灑。故此,到處都是乾淨的厚厚白雪。沒有人看得出哪裡是人行道的界線,哪裡是路,除非踩滑了才急忙回到人行道上。


儘管有著許多不便,一片銀白的風景,真的好美好美! 以前住在紐約時的雪,不論是大小巷道,隔天早上就立刻被剷了或化了,路邊總是滿佈泥濘和水窪。住在舊金山時,若要看雪,就要上山,但還不一定親眼看到落雪的美景。

總歸,這樣的一場大雪帶給了我們美麗的白色耶誕。上次西雅圖有白色耶誕還是在1886年,一世紀前呢!以前在紐約時,最喜歡晚上下這樣大大的雪,然後跟同學在外面聊天,讓柔柔的雪片飄透過昏黃的路燈,落在臉上,好不愜意。這樣的感覺依然記憶猶新, 而在西雅圖竟能意外的享受到,真開心!不過大家也還是很慶幸雪終於停了,寧願對付已經習慣的著名的陰天。

I couldn't believe there was so much snow piled up on the everygreens in the low land Seattle. People say it was 20 years ago when they saw snow here that didn't melt in one day. It felt like like the entire city was a countryside because everywhere was snow white. There is nearly no sedan we could see in the suburban streets, but trucks and four-wheel-drives. There were two reasons why Seattle couldn't remove such of big snow. One was clear and as mentioned - normally there is not enough snow so the resources (such as the snow removal trucks) is limited to clear the entire city. The other reason is Seattle is famous for its Enviromental Protection. In order to prevent the salt (for melting the snow) went into the rivers, resulting in damaging the biologic system, salt wasn't used. Snow is everywhere and no one could really tell where the streets or sidewalks were until stumbled.

Since Greater Seattle is also famous for its hilly terrain, the icy roads became hazard zones. There are many people without a four-wheel-drive, or car has no traction control, or has no wheel chains. They had hard time getting out of their homes. Many also had their car stalled half way on the route. They just abandoned the car and get other help. Most of the people stay at home. For those who can not work remotely from home, the City actually refund people if their office were not open that day. It felt like everyone is doing their best to survive the snow.

Despite all the inconvinence, the scenery was absolutely beautiful. In New York City where we lived for quite a while, the entire streets, including those in the suburban areas, snow would be purposely melted with salt right away so the sidewalks and streets are clear but they instantly become mushy and muddy. In San Francisco Bay Area, where we alos lived, the only time to see the snow would be when we went up to the Sierra Mountains ski resorts, but not necessarily we could witness the snow falls.

In all, this is the first White Christmas with more than 1 foot of snow since year 1886, more than a century ago. It is absolutely a memorable season. I can still recall when I was in College in New York City, my friends and I would sit under the street lights, chat while the snow danced through the gloomy yellow light and finally fell on our faces. It was relaxing and a happy memory. It was a nice surprise to enjoy it again, and this time, in Seattle. Although it was beautiful, we are all glad that it is finally over. Two weeks are enough for most of the people, and all rather have the overcast since both the government and the people can cope with that better.

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