Taipei City Lin-Jiang Traditional Market / Tong-Hua Night Market 台北市臨江市場通化夜市




Taiwan is an island by the Pacific Ocean. Each morning the seafood vendor would gather fresh product from local fishermen who went out that early morning. The traditional market opens as early as 5am. Taiwanese typical family would still prefer this traditional type of market since the items are fresher and the prices are cheaper than the supermarket's.

It is often seen during the Chinese New Year, artists sell their holiday calligraphy on the streets. The traditional market would be the best place for them during this time because each household is buying large amount of food, supplies, as well as decoration. This young artist is in fact handicapped with no fingers. but his work is sensational, and his stand has the most customers than any others.

Each evening, the Traditional Market turns to be a Night Market when all grocery vendor finished their sale for the day. Night market consists of various eateries and shops for household goods. Food are authentic and small portion (so we can eat as many as we want), makes it a good place for friends or small family to have a light dinner or just to hang out. During Chinese New Year, Lanterns are lit, make the place even more welcoming.


  1. 通化街夜市...好久沒去光顧了...

  2. 你沒照到那些我熟悉的攤位。可是說實在的,當初在那住了十幾年,朋友說通化夜市有什麼好吃的,我卻一點也不以為然。


  3. 我是每每到那裡都喝甘蔗汁或吃冰,記得小時候只有冷的喝,長大才有熱的。我同學開了其中兩家棉被店,都還在。童安格以前還去他們家買過呢。


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