Sky @ Rego Park, New York City 紐約雷哥公園的天空



New York City can be boring if one is more fond of natural scene. I am one of those people. Fortunately, the place that we used to live was on the top floor of an apartment building in Queens, facing all directions without any obstruction. That means we had free sunrise views and sunset views with Manhattan cityscape as the backdrop.

Not a lot of people went to the roof top, for some reason. But it certainly was our place to vent our stress after a full day of work. My husband and I would just chat after dinner, or do light exercise during weekend mornings. We captured numerous sunsets and even a lunar eclipse. This place that we lived, was definitely an Utopia in our heart.

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  1. 真好=) 夕陽跟日出都是會讓心情愉快的自然景觀...好喜歡~


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